OptiFlex® Pro, equipped with PowerBoost technology and other advanced features, takes manual coating to new heights by delivering maximum coating performance, superior quality, and enhanced control.

Gema Overview

  • Power

    Maximum Coating Performance

    The PowerBoost technology in the OptiFlex Pro series sets a new standard in the powder coating industry with its 110 kV powder charging capacity, all while ensuring compliance with safety regulations. This innovation empowers operators with outstanding coating performance, allowing for efficient and effective powder application.

  • Quality

    Best Application Results

    OptiFlex Pro ensures extremely efficient coating with consistently high quality. The Precise Charge Control (PCC) mode is a game-changer, regulating spray current even in the lowest ampere ranges (0-10 μA) with unparalleled accuracy. This precise control prevents overcharging, particularly crucial for demanding powders like metallic powders. The result is top-notch quality in thick film and multi-layer applications, including recess areas.

  • Control

    Master the Application!

    OptiFlex Pro provides a technological edge with its new features. The Electrostatic App (E-App) integrates line management functions and service features, making the coating process transparent and highly controllable. Operators can now take charge of the application process like never before, ensuring optimal results.

  • OptiFlex Pro B

    Optimized powder delivery from the powder box. All the powder in the box can be used thanks to the inclined vibrating table. The fluidized suction tube is optimized for a constant powder delivery.

  • OptiFlex Pro F

    The 50 L hopper is perfect for continuous uses and it offers fluidization which is great for bonded metallic powders.

  • OptiFlex Pro Q

    Color change in 35 seconds.

  • OptiFlex Pro CF

    Perfectly suited for small powder quantities.

Gema Official Distributor

Gema stands as a global leader in the field of electrostatic powder coating, delivering solutions that span the spectrum from manual hand coating to fully automated powder coating. With a worldwide presence, this Gema consistently meets the exacting demands and requirements of customers across diverse industrial sectors. Since 2012, Gema has proudly been a part of the esteemed Graco Group, an internationally recognized manufacturer of liquid conveyance systems and components.