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What credit cards can I use to place an order?

We accept all major credit cards.

Do you offer financing for powder equipment?

Contact us at to learn more.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, at this time Powder Coating Products only ships domestically.

About our Powders

What are the proper storage conditions for my powder?

Proper storage requirements include: Keeping product at temperatures less than 80 degrees F (26.7 degrees C) with the relative humidity in the 50-60% range.

What is the shelf life of powder?

Powder generally has a shelf life of 12 months when properly stored in a cool, dry place.

What are the benefits of powder coatings?

Powder coating emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of coatings, celebrated for its resilience. It resists chipping, scratching, fading, and defies chemical agents and UV exposure.

How do you apply powder coatings?

First, you'll need to clean the project's surface, frequently achieved through methods like sandblasting or chemical pretreatment. Next, apply a powder coating primer if needed, followed by the powder coating top coat. Lastly the curing process, curing the powder coating can be accomplished using a cure oven.

What are the different types of powder coatings?

Powder coatings have a variety of chemistries such as Epoxy, TGIC- Polyester, Epoxy/Polyester hybrid, Silicone, Acrylic, HAA Polyester (TGIC- Free), Urethane and Fluoropolymer. Epoxy and Epoxy/Polyester hybrid top coats are only suitable for indoor applications.