About Steelman High Temperature Ovens

For over 50 years, Steelman Industries, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality Industrial Process Ovens and High Temperature Curing Ovens.

Advanced Burn-Off Ovens

Steelman's advanced Burn-Off Ovens, also known as Heat-Cleaning Ovens, showcase patented technologies like top-down heating, rate-of-change control, and automatic process control. These ovens are recognized for their safety, reliability, and efficiency, allowing for swift cleaning with minimal operator attendance. Featuring a patented venture diffuser technology, the ovens distribute heat uniformly, dramatically reducing the temperature of hot gas entering the oven. This innovation safeguards valuable components, preventing overheating during the cleaning process. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, Steelman's Burn-Off Ovens are designed for fast and efficient cleaning, contributing to reduced downtime, increased productivity, and overall energy efficiency.